@CDC and HHS
Application development  

  • Patient data collection for chronic disease managementElectronic data captureFeasibility studyClinical decision supportGuideline compliance
  • Web design and content for unknown causes of death/ unusual infections
  • Data specifications/requirements gathering for the West Nile Virus
  • Public Health links websiteTaxonomy developmentUser interface designPublic Health information resource
  • Web architecture and content development for the National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII)Overlap with national policy developmentSub-site on evolving evidence/impact of HIT on healthcare (e.g. medical errors, patient safety and costs)
Data Transformation  

  • Alignment of transplant data with healthcare standards to enhance data quality for decision-making in life-saving transplantation of solid organs
  • Evaluate challenges faced by organ procurement centers and transplant centers in terms of available data and timing to meet requirements
Search technology  

  • Search engine evaluationOrganizational culture, content and technology assessmentInformation retrieval capabilitiesRevision of search interface and query featuresDevelopment of metatagging process for data elements
  • Log file analysisConsumer search preferencesRevision of hot topicsCommon misspellingsTrending analysis
  • Search engine model developmentDynamic taxonomy creation based on consumer queries
Surveillance tools  

  • Transforming HL7 free-text messages into ICD-9-CM codes for reporting
Public Health thesaurus  

  • Evaluation of commercial tools for taxonomy and content development
  • Addition of bioterrorism concepts