New Business Models

Linking clinical research with healthcare delivery

  • Enhance BioPharma data quality through linkage with patient care data
  • Application of healthcare data standards (MedDRA, SNOMED CT)
  • Engagement of SPL and RFD technologies
  • Early safety surveillance
  • Enhance patient safety, research and development, improve medical evidence
Enhancng payer data to measure clinical impact of interventions on patient outcomes

  • Evaluation of pharmaceutical product and patient education
  • Data sources from payers (3), laboratory and public database
  • Consensus from clinicians on data definitions
  • Design of analysis methods
  • Add to medical evidence
Joint venture- research and development

  • Biopharma and Academic Medical Center shared joint repository
  • De-identified patient data
  • Application of standards to data elements
  • Pharmaceutical product development, improved diagnostic testing
  • Capture of viral mutations
  • Development of biomarkers