Consulting and Solution Development
Data Transformation

  • Legacy data migration
  • Concept mapping to standard code sets (e.g. SNOMED CT, ICD9CM etc.)
  • SNOMED CT Education and Training
  • Taxonomy development and data dictionary evaluation
  • Content modeling/clinical data representation/database design
  • Transforming interface terminology into machine-readable terminology
  • Data migration transition planning
Use Case Analysis

  • Assessing business goals and priorities
  • Data source evaluation
  • Building high-value queries from available data sets
  • Migrating to standards for compliance and interoperability
  • Assure that available data will answer the research questions
Stakeholder engagement

  • Interfacing between IT professionals and clinicians/scientics
  • Obtaining concensus before execution
  • Business development support
  • Contract writing – RFPs and business documentation
Business Optimization

  • Requirements analysis and documentation
  • Information Flow Analysis
  • Migrations strategies
  • Risk avoidance= analysis of healthcare products and partnerships
  • Introduction to new markets and project opportunities
  • Engaging consumers
  • Education and Training
  • Industry Research

  • BioPharma
      Evaluation of data sources from prospective partners
      Partner collaboration strategies
      Data collection for clinical trials
      Harmonization of data elements across CROs/data re-use
      Linking clinical trial data with EHR data elements (MedDRA vs SNOMED CT)
      Post marketing surveillance; outcomes studies,
  • Payer
      Clinical Care Coordination
      Determining Quality and Performance Measures from billing data (HEDIS vs new measures
      Augmenting billing data for chronic disease management
  • Provider
      Semantic mapping of clinical terminology
      Interpreting quality measures from available data elements
      Specialty-specific requirements inclusion for EHR selection
  • Public Health
      Disease registries
      Data specifications for reporting

  • Clinical web design
  • Log file analysis of consumer inputs